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Too often companies settle for subpar service from their vendors and providers. Often it is because business owners and executives feel it is too much work to find something better when they already have an entire desk full of other responsibilities to take care of. We undertstand that you're busy, and that being busy is a good thing. We take pride in the fact that when we work with a company, the stress level of your entire team comes down due to better productivity, and removal of virtually all aggravation related to your office technology. When your stress level comes down, you can focus in on what you do best, and achieve results faster.

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From the very first time you speak with us, you will know we are different from anyone else. Our entire team is commited to making sure you get the results you need, and that we do everything in our capabilities to help you succeed. Technology is an area of business that can be a huge headache, and a drain on your cash flow if not managed and setup properly. We understand this, and more importantly we excel at making technology and business work together successfully. Many IT Consulting firms claim that they will meet certain objectives, however few if any will back up their promises with a full guarantee that includes both fines for missed Service Level objectives, and no payment at all if your not satisfied with what they do. We on the other hand do BOTH, if we fail to respond to any request in the timeframe designated in the Service Level Agreement that we signed, we will PAY you 5% of the total amount you paid us for that month with NO maximum.(Note: We only ever failed to respond within the timeframe twice in our 17 years, once was because the request was sent to a technician that was on his honeymoon). Next, if you are unsatisfied with the service we provide, and we cannot resolve your concerns to your complete satisfaction we will refund EVERY dollar you have paid us.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions – Answers to questions we get frequently. (Note: you should ask every provider these questions)
  • Partners – A selection of the major partnerships we leverage to get you results.
  • A Letter From Our President – A business leader to business leader letter from our president about why we are what you need to get your business ahead.

ManageIT can help your company achieve more, gain better productivity, and build a solid plan for the future, all while keeping your business goals in mind.

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Reliable IT support from ManageIT is never outsourced; all IT services are provided by our staff.

We offer our services as affordable solutions from our in-house team of IT experts.


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