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ManageIT’s Managed Security Services practice defends your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cybercrime threats. We take on the day-to-day defense of your infrastructure by monitoring your network, systems and data 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, on premise or in the cloud.

We align our security processes with your business operations to ensure a correlation between exposures and threats; minimizing false positives in order to optimize your risk management.

Core Managed Security Services

  • Security information and event management
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Application security
  • Next generation firewalls
  • End point protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Web proxy and URL filtering
  • Vulnerability management
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Executive reporting

24/7/365 Deliverables

  • Security Monitoring
  • Alert Escalations driven through Analytics Platform
  • Security Event Investigation
  • Dedicated Technical Expertise
  • Social Media Threat Monitoring
  • Patch & Hotfix Management

Our Managed Security Services are supported by our state of the art, PCI Compliant, geo-redundant, Security Operations Centre (SOC).

ManageIT has developed two proprietary platforms providing our customers with seamless data access:

Cloud SIEM

ManageIT’s Cloud Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) platform offers simple and scalable log aggregation and data analytics with live dashboards comprised of customized charts, tables, and alerts. The platform is scalable to the size of your complex environment, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency.


The key benefits to ManageIT’s Cloud SIEM platform include:
  • Scalable Performance - This service grows with you. On-going monitoring of gigabytes per day will determine the need for additional growth and coverage. Proactive provisioning will ensure complete coverage of your most important log sources.
  • Simplicity & Fast Time to Value – ManageIT's Cloud SIEM offers little overhead in terms of complex infrastructure. Featuring a single virtual or physical collector on premise to collect and transport critical logs, the core analytics and live dashboards occur securely within the ManageIT’s Cloud.
  • Complete Coverage End-To-End - Through proactive management within our Security Operations Centre (SOC), our experienced team configures and filters your SIEM service to maximize the investment and ensure the most critical events are actioned.
  • Visualized and Real-time Dashboards 24/7/365 - Your logs are reviewed in real time within ManageIT’s Security Operations Centre and your customized dashboard are continuously updated so you always have an accurate snapshot of activity within your environment. Our team of security specialists will respond to alerts as they happen, based on incident and escalation policy.

ManageIT Analytics

ManageIT has developed a proprietary analytics engine to serve as the core pillar of our Security Operations Centre. Our Analytics Platform filters threat intelligence and customer raw data into actionable, relevant alerts. Our 4 step process significantly reduces the likelihood of false positives.


Key features of the Analytics Platform include:
  • IP Rep Lookup – Correlation of source address with known adversaries
  • Protocol Parsing – Identification and translation of common protocols
  • De-duplication – Suppression of multiple messages of a recognized alert
  • Alert Trending – Correlating alerts based on time and frequency of notable event
  • Rule Suppression – False positive elimination with triggered rule exclusion
  • White & Black List – Active filters to ignore or highlight specific sources

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