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The average 750-seat organisation that doesn’t have a print strategy will spend $700,000 on print costs this year, according to imaging industry research firm Photizo. By leveraging ManageIT’s holistic MPS capability, your organisation can save up to 30 per cent on these costs. Our MPS team procures and consolidates print devices, reduces print volumes and manages all hardware, software, solutions, maintenance and consumables. Through ongoing document management support, we ensure your print environment is secure, can integrate print with other operational processes and enable greater printer device flexibility. The result: an optimised print set-up requiring less money to maintain, fewer IT staff to support and just one monthly agreement to meet all your ongoing MPS needs.

According to Gartner, print management costs can syphon 1 to 3 per cent of an organisation’s total revenue. ManageIT MPS include document management, security and workflow management in addition to print fleet optimisation, management of consumables and value-adds such as cloud and mobile printing solutions. MPS can help you reduce costs by providing:

A holistic approach to boosting operational efficiencies: Our MPS team assesses how your current print setup affects your business, including testing how each device prints, how much you spend on consumables such as toner and ink and the printer-to-user ratio. From there, the MPS team develops a proposed future state for your print fleet that includes cost savings for hardware, improved workflows, consumables, power consumption, environmental benefits and maintenance – savings that go directly back into your business in the form of cost savings and business improvements.

Flexibility through vendor-independence: ManageIT's MPS support a range of print hardware and doc management software solutions from the leading providers without locking you into using one brand. And even if you use a range of different providers for your print hardware, all your infrastructure and maintenance costs are issued in one monthly bill in your MPS agreement. 

Ongoing partnership to continually meet business needs: Print management optimisation is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop at simply consolidating hardware and reducing print volumes. ManageIT's MPS cover the full print management lifecycle, considering fluctuating business goals and budgets so print continues to meet your organisation’s needs.

Keeping print management in-house instead of outsourcing it to an MPS provider carries several disadvantages for your organisation, especially:

A lack of centralised print purchasing: In organisations where every business unit is allowed to order its own printers, costs quickly add up – especially if each print device is only being used by a handful of people, such as a small payroll department. MPS and doc management can optimise your fleet for the best printer-to-user ratio so you don’t overspend on print hardware.

Expensive and inflexible maintenance contracts: If you have to go through each separate print provider to service different printers and copiers, you’ll have to manage several contracts and payments. Not to mention that if you don’t have a good SLA with one of your providers, you might not get the repairs or preventative maintenance you need when you need it. ManageIT’s “one agreement, one bill” MPS and doc management offering simplifies your billing relationship with vendors, preventing the need to pay different providers.

IT support costs: Most IT departments don’t hire IT staff devoted to troubleshooting their printers. Yet, to manage a print fleet for an organisation with 750 employees, it requires about 3,700 hours of IT support, according to Photizo. With an MPS and doc management strategy, your IT staff gets more time to focus on more important, revenue-driving projects and strategic business-technology endeavours.

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